60 Activities and Boredom Busters for 2018. Who Knows? You Might Discover Your Next Side Gig!

Embrace nature!

With the start of the new year, comes 365 novel ways that you can spend your time exploring new horizons. January is not only a great time to assess your life; but it’s also a wonderful time to reach for new goals, develop new skills, and expand your financial possibilities. We’ve listed 60 fun activities and hobbies that might stimulate new interests, or lead to an unexpected business or even supplemental income. Alright, ladies, let’s do this in 2018!

  1.  Start a garden
  2. Coach a kids sports team
  3. Gather friends to play good ol’ fashioned board games
  4. Create a wine tasting club
  5. Take an art class
  6. Learn a new language
  7. Enjoy nature and join a birdwatching club
  8. Start scrapbooking
  9. Practice yoga
  10. Join a cool and obscure local Meet Up
  11. Become a tutor
  12. Create a YouTube channel (focus on your passion!)
  13. Learn sign language
  14. Make a beautiful, Pinterest-worthy display of your favorite collectibles within your home
  15. Take a Toastmasters class
  16. Start a monthly conversational salon
  17. Volunteer on Volunteermatch.com
  18. Make jewelry
  19. Bake dog biscuits for your favorite pooch
  20. Teach a youngster how to cook
  21. Assess your career and update your career skills
  22. Go camping
  23. Build your own coop and raise chickens
  24. Take a DNA test and document your family tree
  25. Monetize something you know how to do
  26.  Try carpentry
  27. Take an art appreciation class
  28. Make sushi and host a monthly sushi party
  29. Try your hand at investing. Motif is a great place to start
  30. Become a park volunteer
  31. Create a podcast
  32. Take archery
  33. Learn to sew your clothes
  34. Write a short story
  35. Join a running club
  36. Start knitting
  37. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. Ommmm
  38. Take a cooking class
  39. Learn a new technology
  40. Start a pressed juice co-op
  41. Host a formal tea for you and your friends
  42. Create sachets of potpourri (give them as gifts)
  43. Learn to make homebrewed beer
  44. Volunteer on a farm
  45. Help build a tiny house
  46. Take an online photography class
  47. Join a supper club
  48. Make fresh baby food for your child
  49. Make natural, gentle (beautiful-smelling) soap
  50. Learn how to reupholster furniture
  51. Take a flower arranging class
  52. Learn how to make homemade jellies and jams (and sell them!)
  53. Make a terrarium
  54. Start a blog
  55. Create a conversational salon.
  56. Invite friends to a monthly board game night
  57. Create and distribute natural bird feeders
  58. Play a game of foosball
  59. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
  60. Make a bird feeder